Healing through the Surgical Process

with Energy Medicine Specialist Amelia Vogler

Surgery can be very scary, destabilizing, and challenging on the body, mind, and Soul but it doesn't have to be this way.

Just like all of life, with the right support and the right resources you can feel grounded, safe, and empowered. 

In surgery, there is an alchemy of right support and right resources that goes FAR beyond an excellent surgical team, cutting edge technology, and a clean and modern hospital (or outpatient facility).

Support during surgery is "surgery day" and so much more.

Energy Medicine in Surgery includes:

  • Sessions before your surgery to prepare the for the procedure body-mind-and-Soul.  Consider a surgery like a sacred vision quest and preparing to quest involves clarity of intention, clearing and strengthening and grounding the energy body and connecting Spirit to tissues for your procedure. 
  • Pre-operative support that includes an extensive protocol of grounding, Spiritual support, and energetic clearing and balancing.  This support also includes two very specific  protocols - one allows us a deep connection for communication while you are under anesthesia and the other includes clearing and blessings for the operating room, full surgical team (think, all those who touch and care for you) before your surgery begins. 
  • Surgical day support pulls from a variety of my gifts - medical intuition, advanced energy medicine for tissue support and trauma recovery, my ability to see and sense within the body,  and my adeptness with a large Spiritual team. You are never alone during your surgery and have the ability to speak and be heard and empowered with resources to help you energetically through your surgery.   You are protected, blessed, and supported through an intuitive partnership and active dialog.  In addition, with the blessings of this space, I continually hear from the surgeons that procedures with this support "are markedly different and easy" one surgeon from Duke Hospital shared that "his entire team seemed to know exactly what he needed before he asked for it."
  • Post-surgical support starts in the post-anesthesia care unit. If I am with you in person, I meet you there while you are still under anesthesia and stay with you as you wake up.  I am there re-grounding you to your body, time, and this earth plane.  While you are in the process of coming back to yourself, your support shifts to full-body energy balancing, tissue recovery, scar integration, wound healing and pain management. This support continues after you are moved to recovery.
  • Recovery support begins at your request after the surgery.  One session is always provided to help you in your initial recovery with whatever special unique needs arise for you - whether it be Spiritual in nature, physical in nature, or a little bit of both.
  • Additional support is always available at your request.

Nice to meet you...

I am honored to be one of the few energy medicine practitioners with specific training in Energy Medicine in Surgery. Surgical support is a specific area of my practice, where I bring absolutely every gift that I have (medical intuition, advanced energy medicine, trauma support, clinical recovery, grounding practices, guided imagery, and Spiritual coaching)  into supporting you through a very focused and intentional series of Spiritually and therapeutically focused sessions.

You will receive a guide, a seer (intuitive), and a healer in service of your Spirit and body as you travel your surgical journey.  One thing I can promise is that you will never be alone. I will be with you before, during, and after surgery.



The Healing Space
Annie Orr - Phd., Somatic Trauma Therapist

“I’m a somatic trauma therapist, and Amelia and her healing gifts helped me through a recent major surgery. She traveled across the state to my home the evening before and prepared a heartfelt ceremony that was grounding and allowed me to focus on my intentions for the surgery and for my healing. Amelia was present the entire time I was at the medical facility and integrated her work seamlessly with my surgical team. Hers was the first voice I heard in the recovery room as I woke up, allowing me to know I had made it safely through the procedure. She also took careful notes about important information, was an advocate for my needs, and helped lift the energetic haze of the anesthesia. Even in the best circumstances, surgery is traumatic for the mind and body, and Amelia’s energy work and loving presence helped mitigate the difficulties of the experience. I am so grateful that she was there.”

Phd., Somatic Trauma Therapist

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Do you have an upcoming surgery and would like energetic support? If so, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 45-minute surgical consultation to discuss your operation and how healing energy medicine can support you and improve your experience.

I look forward to guiding you and being a support for you throughout your surgical process.

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