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The Healing Space
Bellinda Womack - Author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life

“Amelia is a real and bonafide Angel living inside her human Being. The healing energy and intuitive insight that comes through her is fantastically powerful, all-loving, clear, and miraculous. The gratitude that I feel for “Angel Amelia’s” X-ray vision and ability to move out crystalized pain from over 2000 miles away is infinite in depth and width. And one more thing, I rarely ask for human help and Amelia’s help is nothing less than God’s pure grace.”

Author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life

An Overview of our Surgical Sessions

Surgical support is a custom package that typically includes around 5 sessions. Four of these are regular 90 minute sessions and this package includes 8 hours of surgical day support.  Longer surgeries just require a conversation and some extra time. The longest surgery that I have supported was a 14 hour facial reconstruction.

In addition to the support and energy balancing, I will come to your care after extensive research of your procedure. I watch your operation with surgeons using the techniques that will be used in your surgery on youTube and understand exactly what is done to the tissues, where there are typically challenges or any times when precision is required.  I will be there guiding the tissues energetically and supporting your surgical team energetically and through a strong connection with the Divine.  

Rather than being alone and passed between different teams of caring nurses, I will be with you as you leave for surgery and will be present as you wake up.

In addition to the energetic support, I advocate for you, take notes, and work with your surgical team to ensure you are being treated with integrity and your medical wishes are honored throughout your surgical process.

Overview of the Sessions

Pre-Surgical Session 1: Calming and Focusing the Mind

Preparing for surgery gives the mind an opportunity to understand what will happen during the procedure on both the conscious and unconscious levels.  After the mind "understands," it is able to process and hold a perfect outcome, releasing fear and worry and  creating a positive relationship with the procedure and help soften fear and worry.

Pre-Surgical Session 2: Readying the Physical Body

Preparing for surgery gives the body a chance to understand what is going to happen during the procedure and allows the body  (and energy body) to create a positive relationship with the procedure and help soften fear and worry.

Pre-Surgical Session 3: Harmonizing the Energy Body and Spirit

Pre-surgical support includes direct conversation with the body and Spirit bringing us into direct harmony between the two.  You will know exactly what to expect on surgical day and leave this session wholly prepared for perfect and highest outcome.

Surgery Day Session 4:  Spiritual Preparation, Pre-Op, Surgical, PACU, and Post-Op

I will accompany you to pre-op and help support your body, mind, and spirit for your surgery. I’ll work with you during the entire length of the surgery keeping you grounded, maintaining balance in your energy system, and holding sacred space for you during your procedure through a meaningful activity that you and I complete in one of your pre-operative sessions.

The surgical session is done as distance therapy in the waiting room. I have been trained to go into surgery with you and we can discuss this as an option depending on the surgery type and surgical setting.

Post-surgery, I meet you in PACU (or the Post Anesthesia Care Unit) removing the anesthetic and pain medications from the field, wound sealing and musculature recovery, working gently with the pain body, and helping to balance the auric (energy) system such that the body is deeply and clearly connected to its natural healing wisdoms.

Sessions 4 & 5:  Energetic Post-Surgical Recovery

After you return home or are moved to a longer-stay recovery room at the hospital, we will set up two more appointments to help your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies come back to balance. This healing supports you from your cellular healing, to scarring, to pain management, to spiritual and emotional aspects of post-surgical recovery.

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