Client Testimonials

The Healing Space
F.A.A  - Minneapolis, MN

“I knew when I was diagnosed with breast cancer that I wanted Amelia to accompany me through the experience ahead. While she offers several surgical support services, my deepest desire was to begin and end my surgery day with a healing session so I could live its hours enfolded in her great tenderness, healing touch and love. I met with Amelia by phone before going to the hospital. It was so calming to feel myself fill with the energy she invoked as she created the scaffolding of wholeness that would support me that day. From this field of love, I could thank and say goodbye to the tissue that no longer supported my life. There really are no words to describe the beauty that threaded its way through the rest of my day – from the rainbow that appeared in the sky despite the snow squall we had to drive through, to the generous help and care I received from every person I encountered, to the magic carpet of energy I clearly felt I was riding when I woke up quickly with no grogginess or nausea, eager to continue this easy flight toward recovery. My evening session was just as beautiful. I feel so very fortunate to walk through my life in the company of Amelia’s kind guidance and friendship. It is always a blessing! ”

Minneapolis, MN

The Healing Space
Kim B - Endemetrial Embolism, Duke Hospial

“As a result of years of severe menstrual pain and bleeding, I underwent a repeat laparoscopic procedure to remove endometriosis and fibrosis. I have had this surgery before. The first time (without Amelia), I awoke and experienced severe vomiting and pain; spent three weeks recovering from pain and stomach issues, and the days to follow the surgery were a complete blur from use of pain medicines.

This second time, I hired Amelia to support me. I’ve been under her care for my spiritual and emotional support prior to this, so I knew that she (and her work) was a source of great comfort to me. During this surgery, Amelia was with me from the moment I entered registration through post-op. Amelia began by helping me to manage my nervousness and fears that came from my first (unsupported) surgical experience. Especially having the same surgery before, I felt like I had an “idea” of what it might be like – and this made me incredibly uncomfortable. As soon as Amelia got there, I felt centered and balanced and remained so throughout the entire surgical process.

When we entered the pre-op area, Amelia helped mentally prepare me. This time around both I AND ALL OF MY NURSES were astounded. I had slight discomfort and nausea and within an hour (yes, one hour) I was discharged.

Amelia also worked with me postoperatively on anesthetic clearing. And within a few days I no longer needed pain medicine. She was a true blessing to my recovery, and I will never go through surgery without her again.

I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone needing support in this very difficult time.”

Endemetrial Embolism, Duke Hospial

The Healing Space
Kathleen, W. - Husband's Prostate Surgery, Wake Med

“It was like watching a miracle unfold in front of my eye when I was watching Amelia work with my husband from the waiting room while he was in surgery. At some point she looked up and said, 'Do you know if they are using a robot in this surgery?' I replied positively because our new surgeon wanted to use the Davinci Robotic arm. She said that this was helpful because she felt the robot in his body and knew how to adjust for that. It was amazing. AMAZING. She was with us the whole time and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Later during the operation, she looked at me and said, 'Alright, they've closed.' A few moments later, I was called to the desk to be told the surgery was complete. SHE KNEW! After this, she was escorted to the PACU to help my husband wake up. His surgery was successful but more I felt supported and I know my husband was supported. I hope we don't have to go through another major surgery, but if we do, I'm hiring Amelia immediately. When she says, she holds you body-mind-and soul, it's true. She's amazing."”

Husband's Prostate Surgery, Wake Med

The Healing Space
Robin, M. - Oncology Facial Reconstruction

“Going in, there was never a question in arranging for Amelia’s energetic assistance with my husband’s surgical process, I just hadn’t realized how essential it would be in having her as part of our team until the surgery was upon us! She was there every step of the way; she even did her due diligence in studying up as a means of having a greater understanding behind the intricacies of each procedure so she had a clearer idea in how best to assist while he was under anesthesia. Pretty amazing!

Through out this process, Amelia held space in such a beautiful way which enabled both my husband, as well as me (the caregiver), to get through things with significantly less stress— way beyond what one might normally expect.

I believe that because of Amelia’s assistance, my husband was able to rebound from his surgery with minimal down time, and since then has made remarkable progress with his recovery. He is feeling more like his former self, and rolling with whatever adjustments have had to be made as he continues to heal with ease. We are ever grateful!”

Oncology Facial Reconstruction

The Healing Space
Steve H - Spinal Surgery, Duke Hospital

“Amelia, I have never felt so ready, so centered, so prepared, so calm for my surgery. I can’t express adequately what you did for me that day. You probably changed the rest of my life. ”

Spinal Surgery, Duke Hospital

The Healing Space
John M. - Full Knee Replacement, Duke Hospital

“I have hired Amelia for both of my knee replacement surgeries. Her gentle, calming nature helped me feel more comfortable going into surgery. I don't understand what Amelia does with energy work, but I have always found benefit from her sessions and thought that including her in my surgeries was a good idea. Little did I know that pain would be lifted from my body, that I had minimal scar tissue, that my doctor said that both of these surgeries felt differently and that everything went perfectly.

I am truly grateful for this gifted woman and I know that she brought peace to my wife through both of these surgeries as well.

I hope that I don't have another one, but Amelia will be included if I do. ”

Full Knee Replacement, Duke Hospital

The Healing Space
Annie Orr, Phd. - Private Asheville Surgical Group

“I’m a somatic trauma therapist, and Amelia and her healing gifts helped me through a recent major surgery. She traveled across the state to my home the evening before and prepared a heartfelt ceremony that was grounding and allowed me to focus on my intentions for the surgery and for my healing. Amelia was present the entire time I was at the medical facility and integrated her work seamlessly with my surgical team. Hers was the first voice I heard in the recovery room as I woke up, allowing me to know I had made it safely through the procedure. She also took careful notes about important information, was an advocate for my needs, and helped lift the energetic haze of the anesthesia. Even in the best circumstances, surgery is traumatic for the mind and body, and Amelia’s energy work and loving presence helped mitigate the difficulties of the experience. I am so grateful that she was there.”

Private Asheville Surgical Group